Important Guidelines for Corporate Gifting

Important Guidelines for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gift giving has rules and protocols that you need to follow, it needs to be done right and handled with care.  If you get the right gifts then your clients and staff will certainly appreciate it and it can buy you a healthy amount of goodwill.

These gifts are categorized into;

  • Gifts for employees
  • Gifts for clients

Gift giving happens over the course of a year for various occasions, holidays and year-end bonuses are two of the most popular.  Regardless of the occasion for the gift you still need to follow some important guidelines for corporate gifting.  Let’s look at what they are


If you display favoritism when it comes to giving gifts to employees it can get you sued.  Employees of the same position and seniority should receive similar gifts, it doesn’t have to be the same gift.  You don’t give one employee a trip to Hawaii while the other gets a watch.  Their values should be comparable and that brings up the next point.

Price Tag

With the internet at everyone’s disposal it won’t be hard for your employees to figure out the cost of your gift.  That being said you don’t leave price tags on, that’s tacky.  Leaving the price tag on is in very poor taste and your gift won’t be well received and if you do it for a client, you won’t likely have that client for very long.

Individual Preferences

While uniformity and price tag are mostly aimed at buying gifts to employees, paying attention to clients’ personal preferences is another matter.  Getting a slightly more personal gift for a client indicates to them that you put some thought into their likes.  Contact some of their peers or coworkers discreetly to find out what they are interested in receiving.  The personal touch is always better, that being said, you want personalized and not personal.


There are plenty of companies out there that will offer you deals on volume purchases of things like mugs, pens or mouse pads to be used as corporate gifts.  These work if you have hundreds of employees, however if you have a small staff they don’t.  Your gifts for a small staff should be more personal, especially if you’re in the office with these people each and every day.

Corporate gift giving requires some thought, keep the protocols in mind and try and make them personalized.  Think about the receiver and what they would like to see.